2011 Awkward Office Lit Mag Party

When:Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Where:Housing Works
126 Crosby Street
Manhattan, NY

There’s a grand tradition of celebrating the holiday season at an awkward office party. Wait, what’s that? You’re a lit mag and you don’t have an office? Or you do, but you’d like to double up on this year’s festivities with more than those same five people you see every day? Either way, Slice magazine and Housing Works Bookstore Cafe cordially invite you to the 2011 Awkward Office Lit Mag Party. There will be a gift exchange! There will be Sixpoint beer!

With hosts:

The Coffin Factory
Lapham’s Quarterly
Slice magazine

Bring: A gift (cheap, funky throwaway item wrapped in holiday paper that you can exchange for your own surprise gift)

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