$5 Tango Trial Class

When:Monday, January 3, 2011
Time:8:00 pm
Where:Chelsea Studios
151 W.  26th St
5th & 6th Fl
Manhattan, NY 10001
(212) 924-5877

Once a month we offer a “taste of tango” for totally beginners for just $5. You will get a 45 minute class introducing you to all the basic fundamentals of tango. It is guaranteed you will be dancing at the end of the class. It is a good way to start out with tango for those that have never danced it before.

$5 Trial Class
Monday Jan 3rd, 8pm
Tuesday Jan 4th , 8:30pm Open Role (Gay, Lesbians and friends)
Thursday Jan 6th, 8pm
Saturday Jan 8th, 2pm

SPECIAL OFFER: All the attendants to the $5 trial, will receive $20 for the first course “A” (Reg $90)

Pre register at statnyc@yahoo.com

Are you decided to Tango?. Start Here:
Beginners Courses for Tango Salon
This is 3 month course where you will learn all the basic fundamentals, elements, musicality and common structures. This is the basic “vocabulary of tango” needed to be able to go out and dance quickly. Topics such posture, embrace, couple connection, walking, navigation, dance etiquette, musicality and change of dynamics described in our PEMC system, and structures like “la baldosa, “paso basico”, back and forward “ochos”, “paradas”, “arrastres”, “ganchos”, “boleos”, “quebradas”, “giros”, “adornos” and all the basic combinations of them will be taught in this course. Our instructors will give a lot of individual attention to make sure you will get good foundations before you go to the next level.

Sign up to the Beginners course “A” with a $20 off. (Reg $90). Get the 3 courses with a $50 off through:

All new students will also receive
A FREE Tango music CD
a $5 discount to apply to Cocktail Tango on Wednesdays
a $20 discount to apply to a Teaching DVD
a $20 Discount to apply to a Private Lesson

Remember: Cycles start the first Mon or Thu of the month.

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