Bean & Bean Coffee or Tea Only 8 Cents!!!


When:Monday July 19, 2010
Where:Bean & Bean
71 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
Cost:8 cents

8 coupons is at it again!! This time they are offering any small coffee or tea for 8 cents! So come to Bean & Bean and try some freshly brewed organic (iced) coffee or tea for only 8 cents.  Simply text yourself the coupon and show your phone to redeem at Bean & Bean.

About Bean & Bean:

Bean & Bean roasts their coffee beans daily, in order to provide the finest taste and quality. This method allows their coffee to have the perfect combination of body, sweetness, acidity, aroma, and flavor. Most places in New York do not spend the extra time and money to roast their own beans, let alone roast them daily. It is known that fifty percent of the taste and aroma of coffee beans, since they have been roasted, is lost after two weeks. Coffee is of course the best when beans are served shortly after having been roasted. Moreover, they use organic beans and milk for each cup of coffee, for your health and the environment. Overall, they promise a top-quality, fresh, and delicious cup of coffee to complement your day!

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