Arms & Hearts Comedy Show

When:Sunday, May 23, 2010
Where:Karma Lounge
51 First Avenue
New York, NY

Nick Cobb and Jay Welch present perhaps their best line-up yet of comedians and comedy.

CHRISTIAN FINNEGAN (multiple Comedy Central specials, Chappelle’s Show, regular guest on Keith Olbermann)
MATT MCCARTHY (Front Page Films, John Oliver’s NY Standup Show, Live at Gotham),
HARI KONDABOLU (Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver’s NY Standup Show, Live at Gotham),

And an excerpt from the ECNY-nominated show “Fag Life: A Conversation with Fred Phelps” by BRENT SULLIVAN (Live at Gotham)

All for the low, low price of FREE and no minimum for the general public.* This show is going to be as good as or better than most shows you’d see at a NYC comedy club, only for much much cheaper.

*There’s no minimum, but the bar has great drink specials both during and after the show. Seriously, attending this show is cheaper than making a wish at a fountain.

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