Book Thug Nation: Benefit with Books Through Bars‏

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When:Saturday December 19, 2009 
Time:7:00 PM
Where:Book Thug Nation
100 N. 3rd St.
 bet. Wythe/Berry
Kings County Cinema Society is proud to be co-hosting, co-engineering, and co-rocking a sweet double-header at BOOK THUG NATION in Williamsburg to benefit Books Through Bars, a local non-profit that donates used books to incarcerated people.
Just $5 for two classic 1980s dystopian technothrillers and a chance to sample home-baked goods? All funds used to send free books to people in prison? That’s right. Come support New York City’s books to prisoners program.  Learn about Books Through Bars here
7:30pm — MAD MAX II: THE ROAD WARRIOR1982, directed by George Miller”In a post-nuclear war world, a lone adventurer who drives the roads of outback Australia in an endless search for gasoline. His opponents include Lord Humungus, and they battle over a tiny band of civilized survivors and their horde of fuel.”Haven’t seen Mad Max I? Don’t worry about it.
9:30pm — REPO MAN1984, directed by Alex Cox”Otto, a baby-face punk played by Emilio Estevez, becomes an apprentice to Bud (Harry Dean Stanton), a coke-snorting, veteran repo-man-of-honor prowling the streets of a Los Angeles wasteland populated by hoods, wackos, burnouts, conspiracy theorists, and aliens of every stripe.”
Cake — cake, cake, cake, cookies, cake! Lovingly prepared. All proceeds from this event will be used to buy postage to send free books to people in prison. Bring a friend!
To learn more about Books Through Bars, or to volunteer, check their site here

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