Broadway Musical Movie Monday at 4food: Tommy

When:Monday, August 6, 2012
286 Madison Avenue
Manhattan, New York

From 4food:

Director Ken Russell’s campy cult classic Tommy. The Who made history with this, the first-ever movie/rock opera, which tells the tale of Tommy (Roger Daltrey), a boy who loses the ability to hear, speak, and see after the tragic death of his father. Despite his losses, Tommy becomes the pinball wizard and a messiah, only to have his followers betray him. Also starring Tina Turner as a way out there Acid Queen, Ann Margret as Tommy’s mum, Elton John as the Pinball Magician, and Eric Clapton as… a decidedly dodgy Preacher.

-$3 Beers & Sangrias
-$5 Chef Builds
-Free Popcorn

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