Brompton Folding Bike Tour of NYC

When:Wednesday April 27, 2011
1603 York Ave
New York City, NY 10028
Cost:Free w. registration

From NYCeWheels:

You may have seen, heard about, even researched Brompton folding bikes. Heck, you may even be thinking of buying one! But have you ridden one? Do you want to ride one? Well this is your chance! NYCeWheels is hosting guided tours of New York City on 10 bright shiny yellow Brompton folding bikes. This is your chance to get out there and experience a Brompton folding bike first hand. Tours will be guided by Ralph Perri, a long time Brompton and NYC enthusiast, who will take you out to see the sights and experience the joys of riding a folding bike in the big city.
You should be comfortable riding around 15-20 miles in 2 hours (this is a very average pace, no worries!)

Use of the Bromptons on this tour is free, however they do hope you’ll find a donation for the tour guide as he is working primarily on the excitement of showing people around and not on our pay roll. Participants must be comfortable with four basic conditions:

1. Must wear a helmet!

2. Must stick with the group. Don’t worry though, Ralph knows how to show people a good time!

3. This ride is free, however to prevent spam and discourage no-shows, there is a $30 fee for no-shows. (they refund your $30 deposit in full if you show up for the ride)

Space is limited to 10 riders at a time so register ASAP if you would like to join.

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