Brooklyn Lyceum and FlickerNYC Bring You Attack of the 50ft. Reels


When:Firday, October 9, 2009
Time:7:30 PM
Where:Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 857-4816

Brooklyn Lyceum and FlickerNYC bring you Attack of the 50ft. Reels Super 8 films unspooled for the first time. Flicker NYC presents a show of brand new Super 8 films– so new that the filmmakers themselves won’t have seen their films until they unspool in front of the audience. Each participating filmmaker shoots a movie on a single 50 foot roll of Super 8 film, all edits in-camera. The rolls are processed and screened through a Super 8 projector for the first time October 9th at the Brooklyn Lyceum with accompanying music, live dialogue, or live sound effects.

Flicker NYC had its first show in June 2001 with inspiration from Norwood Cheek, founder of the Chapel Hill and LA Flickers, and has been keeping it reel since. This will be the 5th “Attack” event that Flicker has presented, and the second at the Lyceum. Roughly twenty filmmakers will unspool their films October 9th, so come join us for this exciting experiment in Super 8 movie-making.

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