Bushwick Music Festival Day 2!!

When:Thursday March 25, 2010
Where:For a List of Locations Click Here!

From the site:

Sure, SXSW was probably tons of fun with it’s all night parties and shows everywhere all the time, but Brooklyn is gearing up for its own inebriated celebration of music: Bushwick Music Festival. In association with Arts In Bushwick, Deli Magazine and Bushwick Music Studios the DIY festival is a four day romp from March 24-27. It all came together when the Bushwick Music Studios crew decided to unify all the best loft and warehouse spaces, as well as the most talented musicians, DJs and performance artists in the area. Most of the shows are really cheap, and are going down all over Bushwick. Get the full schedule after the jump. The idea behind the whole thing is to showcase little-known, DIY bands, DJs and artists from the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. This quiet and rundown neighborhood has become a sort of artistic mecca over the past few years, attracting DIY musicians/artists, and the festival aims to galvanize the flourishing Bushwick scene into one cohesive artistic entity.

There is a seemingly continual supply of new bands in Brooklyn, and the festival will feature them with a bewildering amount of shows. So if you couldn’t make it to SXSW for some reason, and you live in NYC or the tri-state region, come out and celebrate the music and art of the rapidly growing Bushwick scene.

You can see a listing of all the shows here, as well as a map of the venues here.

Tonight’s Performers include:

Pendulum Swings
The Rich Get Richer
Low Water
Pearl and the Beard
Aviation Orange
Your Boyfriend’s Band Sux!
The Binary Marketing Show
Amber Lamps
Free Advice
The City Streets
Arlo and the Otter
Giddy Multitude
Crazy and the Brains
Elizabeth Devlin
Joe Crow Ryan
The Elastic No-No Band
Radical Sons
Graffiti Monsters
The Hidden Ratio
The Twees
Holding Back Entirely

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