When: Tuesday September 4, 2012
Time: 9pm
Where: Crappy Cinema Council: Ninjas ublic Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn NY 11211
Cost: Free


Council members! This month the guys at Crappy Cinema Council are keeping their eye on the ball, playing hard, hustling, and swinging for the fences with SPORTS MOVIES! Boxing animals, bike dancing, dwarf basketball, combat gymnastics and more.
Plus they have an all-star lineup (get it?? sports!) of comics:

Robert Dean (Billy Hoyle)
Andy Haynes (Cru Jones)
Dave Rosinsky (“Nuke” LaLoosh)
Chris Waelti (Roger Dorn)
Team Submarine (Tong Po, Chong Li)
Hosted by TEAM JIM (Bad News Bears)

And come early for the Society For the Advancement of Social Studies before us in the front room at 7pm; this month their theme is “An Evening of Famous Firsts.” Check ‘em out here:

Source: Public Assembly

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