Dark Disco Featuring CRNKN, JAYCEEOH & DKDS


Dark Disco Good Peoples

When: Saturday, June 8, 2013
Time: 2 p.m.-9 p.m.
Where: 88 Palace
88 East Broadway
Manhattan, NY
Cost: Free w. RSVP b4 12AM


MeanRed Productions is hosting a special FREE edition of Dark Disco this month! This Dark Disco is FREE WITH RSVP before midnight!! Enjoy the musical stylings of CRNKN, JAYCEEOH, DKDS and special guests!!

About Dirty Disco:

Sometimes you want to be surrounded by the beautiful people, the dangerous people, the smartest people, the creative people. The people who sometimes, shine a little more in the depths of darkness. Enter into a club where you can disappear and have the best night of your life. Where you can love and hate equally and then drink and dance it off. Welcome to Dark Disco. We fly the DJ’s in JUST for this night, have artists create JUST for this night, invite you there to complete the circle of experience – to get a taste of this one, specially curated moment. Dark Disco combines it all. With lineups that are surprising, insightful, and always on the absolute tip of the edge featuring DJ’s, Producers, and artists who are true creators and who’s only goal is to keep the dancefloor live. The environment is an ever changing inspiration of visual artists who’s installations fill the void of your mind with something new to deconstruct and experience.

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