Dock Oscar presents: THE KINGS COUNTY OPRY 6th Year Anniversary Show‏


When:Thursday November 19, 2009
Where:Freddy’s Backroom
485 Dean Street
Park Slope,Brooklyn


After six great years, Dock Oscar is pulling up stakes on the Kings County Opry tent.This marks a very special show as they celebrate the 6th Year Anniversary of the Kings County Opry. Each month, the Kings County Opry has brought the best of Bluegrass, Old Time and Country music to Brooklyn; free. That’s about 70 shows with over 350 acts (if you count The Song Circle). To help celebrate, Banjorama! will play their dance-shaking jug band music. More banjos than the legal limit in Brooklyn. The Ambassadors of Love will play their brand of string band music, rounding out with bluegrass, fiddle tunes and old-style country music. Songs about the Iowa State Fair, shopping at outlet malls and tender ballads populate the Ambassador’s repetoire. Lastly, The Song Circle is bursting with the bounty of Fall, featuring: Sammo, Matt Wissler and Gary Keenan.

This Thursday (Nov 19) will be the penultimate KCO at Freddy’s. Dock Oscar & The Ambassadors of Love, Banjorama, Sammo, Gary Keenan, and Matt Wissler will perform. Come down to Freddy’s, hear some great music, and thank Dock for all he’s done over the years.

The Song Circle at 8:30pm

Matt Wissler—Country styled from the 70’s.Sammo—the Human Buzz Bomb of rock ‘n blues.Gary Keenan—World weary to the heart. Banjorama! at

9:30 pm The Murphy’s Law of Jug Bands.

This here fun-time Jug Band is one of the very, very, very few Jug Bands that actually has a jug player in the band. Oh yeah…and banjos! Artie and Alex head this good times, butt shakin’ band. Leave them jugs alone! Banjorama! is a Brooklyn banjo-jug dance band dedicated to the banjification of the universe. Dock Oscar and The Ambassadors of Love at

This here is a fuel-injected, old-syle string band. Putting together the finest aspects of folk music of yore: Murder Ballads, Gospel, Fiddle Breakdowns, Tight Harmony Duets and Bluegrass Standards. Dock Oscar (of Sweet William) is pleased as punch to be playing with these seasoned musicians who are along for the ride (Think Hank William’s Health and Happiness Shows) From original songs (that sound timeless) to warped bluegrass versions of 70’s pop hits to gospel and forgotten old nuggets, The Ambassadors of Love are…well…in love with music

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