Euroflash:The Eurovision Dance Party

When:Friday, May 20, 2011
66 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY

From Secret Formula:

If American Idol and the Olympics had a baby, it would be the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s 56-year-old annual pop song competition. Eurovision is why we have ABBA. Eurovision is why we have Celine Dion. And Eurovision is why we now have a massive all-night rager celebrating all things cheesy and over-the-top European.

Get your groove on as DJs Fucci and Brian Blackout spin italo disco (in the ’80s, someone forgot to tell Italy that disco wasn’t cool), French house (Daft Punk and the like), 90’s Eurodance (Jock Jams and the Night at the Roxbury soundtrack), Scandinavian pop stars (Robyn, Ace of Base), etc.

Secret Formula – the extraordinary party team who has brought you TV Party, the Raspberry Brothers, and Sing-Alongs (including the 90’s Sing-Along and the Aladdin Sing-Along) – will emcee costume contests, dance-off contests, and a Sing-Along, group karaoke-style, to subtitled music videos of your favorite European hits including The Sign, 99 Luftballoons, Dancing Queen, I’m Too Sexy, and more.

In-house stylists will redesign your hair and makeup to turn you into a Eurovision star while you enjoy cocktails like the Dusseldorf (Jagermeister with grenadine and OJ!), the Florence (Amaretto and Sambuca with pineapple juice!), and the Brussels (beer!).

+DJ’s Brian Blackout & Fucci spin continental jams
+EuroPop song Sing-Along with Secret Formula
+Eurotrash makeovers
+Euro-themed cocktails
+British treats and sausages from Brooklyn’s ChipShop
+Dance-offs and flashy costume contests
+Tiny moustaches, big sunglasses, and euromullets… optional, but encouraged!

This is the rhythm of the night.

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