“Flying Houses” Art Exhibition at Muriel Guépin Gallery

When: November 1 – December 1, 2013
Time: Wednesday – Sunday: 12-6PM
WhereMuriel Gupin Gallery
83 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Cost: Free


In his first solo show in the United States, award-winning French photographer Laurent Chéhère will present his iconic “Flying Houses” at Muriel Guépin Gallery.

“Flying Houses” is a collection of fantastical structures removed from their foundations and suspended in the sky as if permanently airborne. As stated by the Huffington Post: “French photographer Laurent Chéhère is giving you a reason to admire your street-side architecture. In a series entitled “Flying Houses”, the artist takes images of ordinary urban and suburban residents and places them in the skies, creating captivating photographs of homes that appear to be floating through the air…no longer hidden in the monotony of a congested street, the isolated structures become whimsical imaginations you can’t help but notice”.

Chéhère first premiered his “Flying Houses” at Docks-en-Seine City of Fashion and Design in June 2012, where he was bestowed the Special Award of the bienale des createurs d’images.

In this unique presentation at Muriel Guépin, Chéhère will present never-before-seen images from this body of work.

 The show will remain on view through December 1st 

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