Fuse Top 20 Countdown House Party

Onset Productions is looking for paid audience members for Fuse’s Top 20 Countdown show on Friday November, 15 2013 9:45 AM  $50 cash, paid for attending. Must be available from 9:30am-2:30pm. Click here for tickets.

Audience members will be in the background dancing, playing beer pong, flip cup, foosball, socializing and interacting with the host. Basically having fun as we film our countdown show. You MUST dance in the background for this show to be selected. Do not apply if you are shy.

Fuse Top 20 Countdown is a weekly countdown show on American TV network Fuse. It is hosted by Allison Hagendorf and Juliya Chernetsky and brings viewers the latest music news, videos and musician and celebrity interviews.

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