When:Saturday, August 13, 2011
Where:Various Lush Stores
Cost:Free w. Reservations

Skirts, shorts & sandals! It’s summer and it’s time to take the concrete by storm and make it your personal catwalk. Well Lush is here to help you glam your gams and prep, polish and cool your feet for the summer streets with products that guarantee hot legs in the city.  RSVP to book a “Hot Legs’ in-store treatment and enter your name for an adorable Beach Ball Knot Wrap filled with all best products to keep your gams looking glamorous! Because what’s better than having sexy looking legs in the summer…?  Spots are limited so be sure to RSVP (call your local store).

Lush  Cosmetics
1293 Broadway, NYC
(212) 564-9120

Lush Cosmetics
7 East 14th Street, New York
(212) 255-5133

Lush Cosmetics
529 Broadway, New York
(212) 925-2323

Lush Cosmetics
2165 Broadway, New York
(212) 787-5874

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