Good Peoples & Telephoned Present SWITCHBOARD #2

When:Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Where:Tammany Hall
152 Orchard st.
New York, NY
Cost:FREE with RSVP

From Good Peoples:

Good Peoples presents: SWITCHBOARD (#2)

A new monthly, Switchboard is a night of musical transposition with guest vocalists and DJs curated by Telephoned

Switchboard will be a night based around music being “Telephoned” – the process of transforming a song into something new by refocusing it through the artists unique lens.

Not just another generic “dance party”, Fools Gold artists Telephoned will invite special guests to participate in the “Telephoned concept” using live performance and DJ sets to create the hip 2011 version of the speakeasy cocktail singer lounge.

A monthly guest DJ will play music relating to their own understanding of the concept, a mixture of strict cover songs, tasteful mash-ups and era-fusing remixes. Telephoned will work with a guest vocalist to compile a short set of their own “telephoned” cover-ups; reworkings of songs written by both the guest artists and other well known talent. Both the guest DJ and vocalist will be doing something aside from their usual approach, attracting their fan bases to see their unique one of a kind performance at this customized music experience.

The backbone of the night will be DJ sets by resident Sammy Bananas (Fools Gold) as well as a forum for Telephoned the group to perform new music and works in progress before its released to the masses. A true, intimate special look into the creation of the musicians driving music today. Switchboard is for fans who want to see guest artists in a different context. Its for people that are outgrowing the typical nightlife scene and dance music community and want something different. For everyone, Switchboard will be a place to experience great live music and an ever expanding conversation about where its going.

THE SUZAN (Fools Gold)

and your hosts: TELEPHONED

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