HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival: Cool Hand Luke


When:Monday August 1, 2011
Where:Bryant Park lawn
6th Avenue at 41st Street

Don’t miss this week’s installment of the  HBO Bryant Park Summer Film at Bryant Park. Tonight’s feature will be Cool Hand Luke. The lawn opens at 5:00pm for blankets and picnicking. The film begins at sunset (typically between 8pm and 9pm).

Presented by Bank of America

Paul Newman plays Luke, who is serving time on a chain gang and refuses to buckle under authority. George Kennedy provides Oscar-winning support, and Strother Martin is the sadistic guard who utters the immortal line “What we’ve got here…is a failure to communicate.” (1967) 126 min (Warner)

Film Festival Hotline: 212-512-5700

No chairs, tables, dogs, plastic sheets, tarps, bags, or pads are permitted on the lawn.

Free bike parking available in the park at the Pétanque Courts (6th Avenue and 41st Street).

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival Lawn Area Access

For the protection of all Film Festival attendees, all bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. will be inspected before entering the Lawn Area (the Lawn and surrounding gravel area).

The gravel area surrounding the Lawn opens at 4:00pm. The Lawn opens at 5:00pm.*

  • Entry to the Lawn Area is only permitted at the 6th Avenue side of the park (near the screen).
  • Wheelchair access to the Lawn Area is accessible through the ramps at the eastern end of the Lawn. (Ramps are on both the 40th and 42nd Street Allees).
  • All packages, bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. will be inspected.
  • There are two entry points on either side of the Fountain (north and south side).
  • Should you leave the Lawn Area, all packages, bags, etc. will be inspected again upon re-entry.

The checkpoints are necessary to safeguard all those in attendance at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival.

Enjoy the film!

* Announcements will be made in the park if there are any changes to the information above.

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