When:Saturday January 15, 2011
Time:2:00pm – 4:00pm
Where::Central Park, NYC
5th Avenue at 105th Street
Manhattan, NY
Come out to the Ice Wheels Run aka 2nd Bi-Annual ICE BOX Race…
For those of you who missed the Great Big Wheel they are doing it again in the ICE… well at least the cold. This time they will only race down the one uber-fast course..with mostly home made vehicles.
Create your ride out of skateboards, skates, Ice Boxes, tricycles, casters, Big Wheels, dishwashers… or become a member of the Jamaican Bob Sled team…
You will dress in combat/fluffy wear.. post superhero or similar protective gear. There will be hot rum on the course and live music…. cause it will be cold and we will need monster-stimulation.

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