When:Tuesday August 17, 2010
16 West 23rd St.
4th floor
Manhattan, NY
Cost:Free w. RSVP@ igcrsvp@gmail.com with SWAP in the subject line

This summer, IGC is hosting its very first clothing swap facilitated by Silfath Pinto, Style Consultant and Clothing Swap Organizer.

We all have things in our wardrobe that we really don’t need!! Look through your closet and bring all these great gently worn clothes you know other women will love.
Plus, get tips from styling and organizing experts.

Bring a friend!

How does it work?
·       Check in your clothes and accessories you no longer wear (up to 10) at the check in desk, between 6 pm and 7 pm.
·       You will receive a token for each item you check in.
·       Enjoy finger food and drinks whilst catching up with friends.
·       The swap event starts at 7.00pm.
·       Browse through the racks and find some ‘new to you’ items with the help of expert stylists, David A. McKnight of DAMstyle and Silfath Pinto of Sense Your Style.
·       Once you have selected your items, please proceed to the check out and make your token purchase.

Reminder: If you won’t lend it to a friend, don’t bring it to the swap.

Styling and organizing tips
The shopping part of the event will start with a small introduction on building the perfect wardrobe with:
– Joan Reilly, founder of Life of Reilly Organizers.
– Silfath Pinto, Image Consultant and Style Expert, founder of Sense Your Style

About the Token System
To ensure everyone has a fabulous time, a colored coded token system will be used on the night. The token system will allow you to swap fashion items for near or equal value to what you have brought to the Fashion Swap event. The tokens issued on the night include:

Cheap = Yellow Token
Mid-price = Green Token
Expensive = Red Token (more than $200)

1 red token = 2 green
1 green token = 2 yellow

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