Indie Girls Burlesque Episode 5: Glitter!


When:Monday November 30, 2009
Where:The Great Lakes Bar
285 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Indie Girls bring you the 5th Episode, breaking burlesque down to its smallest particles – GLITTER!  Come see the sparkle…and probably walk away with some…Featuring:

The Lustrous, Creamy Stevens
The Glistening, Gal Friday
A Twinkle of Jenny C’est Quoi
A Flash of Magdalena Fox

Hosted by the sparkliest of them all, the incandescent, Princess Sunshine!

Warning: According to Wikipedia, Glitter can occasionally be used in criminal forensics, as its distinctive color, size, thickness, material, and patterns can link perpetrators to victims or locations, if glitter was presetn at the crime scene or a related location.

Indie Girls Burlesque is produced each month by Jenny C’est Quoi, Magdalena Fox, and Joe the Shark at the Great Lakes Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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