Korean Movie Night: Seven Days

When:Tuesday July 19, 2011
Where:Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick Street
Manhattan, NY

The Korean Culture Society continues its Free Korean Movie Night with a Free Screening of Seven Days. All seating is first-come, first served.

Synopsis From KCS:

Fans of Lost know her as Sun, but Kim Yun-Jin took home “Best Actress” at the Grand Bell Awards, Korea’s equivalent of the Oscars, for her portrayal of a Type A, stressed-out defense lawyer trying to rescue her kidnapped daughter in SEVEN DAYS. The movie kicks off with her daughter going missing and a kidnapper calling and telling her that she has seven days to get a gangster off death row. The problem: all the evidence points to the guy being as guilty as sin and there’s no way she can win this one. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse game that sees the set pieces coming down as hard as an avalanche. A popular hit at the box office, this is the kind of twist-a-minute screenplay that Hollywood used to make, given a jolt of pure Korean adrenaline.

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