Leo Kesting Gallery Presents: Shawn Bishop-Leo :Strength In Numbers


When:Thursday November 12, 2009
Where:Leo Kesting Gallery
812 Washington St (at Gansevoort)
NY NY 10014

Shawn Bishop-Leo returns to the Leo Kesting Gallery with her second solo exhibition, “Strength in Numbers”. Staying true to her past work and the notion of feminine strength, this latest collection follows the evolution of the female gang from its mythical roots to its modern archetypes.

In this new collection, Leo creates a series of mixed-media paintings depicting a universe of strong female characters. From the wilds of the Outback to the urban decay of inner cities, the gang girl emerges as both confrontational and fragile. Drawing inspiration from The Amazons, The Suffragettes, and the Foxfire girls, Leo’s work portrays the young woman’s search for identity, sexuality and strength.

Utilizing photography, wood, vintage textiles and maps she tells the story of where these women have been, and where they’re going. “I find maps fascinating in that they are abstractions in themselves of time and place,” states the artist. “In a world where boundaries are always changing and the population ever expanding, the girl gangs have formed out of a need for greater protection and a stronger voice. I feature in these works not just models but peers, a contemporary gang in the making.”

Many of the works showcase individual members that when seen collectively emphasize the shows title, “Strength in Numbers”. In contrast, Leo also intersperses images of ants and bees, matriarchal societies, to further this theme. The innocence of the natural world competes with the chaos of the city, mirroring the inner turmoil of these women’s psyches.

Shawn Bishop-Leo’s “Strength in Numbers” opens to the public with a reception for the artist at Leo Kesting Gallery on Thursday, November 12th from 7:00 until 10:00 pm.

Leo Kesting offers the art viewing public an opportunity to see forthcoming talents in an intimate setting where undiscovered, cutting-edge artists are presented to the contemporary art scene.

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