MacGyver Show!‏

When:Saturday February 20, 2010
Where:Legion Bar
570 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY

From the site:

Hey Fun-Seekers:

This Saturday, wet your beak with a new edition of THE MACGYVER SHOW, the only stand-up showcase in New York! This time they’ve gotten downright angry, and put together a lineup that will easily fuck out your pretty little eye socket!


JOHN “Godtube” KNEFEL (Huffington Post, True/Slant)
ZACHARY “That’s not a thing” SIMS (DC Comedy Festival, Going Steady)
ROBERT “Hamburglar” DEAN (Breakthru Radio)
NICK “Bird joke” TURNER (College Humor, “Summer Jam”)
ROGER “Schadenfreude” HAILES (Chappelle’s Show, VH1)
KUMAIL “Octopodi” NANJIANI! (Live at Gotham, Letterman, other famous-guy things)

All hosted by your host,

DANNY “Long, loud riff about the comedian who went up before him and was a little racist” SOLOMON!

Doors at 7:30pm, show at 8! Be at Legion Bar when this takes place or man, what a piece of shit you’ll feel like!

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