Marshmallow Civil War


When:Saturday, October 24, 2009
Time:7:00 PM
Where:Brooklyn Banks
Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan side
Rose St.
New York, NY

A historical reenactment in Brooklyn of questionable accuracy. With marshmallows. Many years ago, widespread unrest in the region and a perplexing overabundance of marshmallows led to a soft armed conflict between opposing sides. More moderate citizens flew the flag of Caution, while the more radical aligned themselves with Danger.

Marshmallow pistols, jet-puffed assault rifles, bow-and-mallows and Peep grenades decimated each army until no soldier was left alive. This is a reenactment of that epic battle.Sides will be chosen, marshmallow weapons will be loaded, and chaos will ensue.All participants should bring at least one bag of marshmallows (mini or jumbo), a weapon, and a uniform of any kind. Safety goggles may be advisable.

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