MTV2 Jobs That Don’t Suck Taping

Onset Productions is giving away free tickets to the taping of MTv 2’s new series Jobs That Don’t Suck. Click here for tickets.

Do you want to learn how you can come up with a million dollar idea – like a 12 year old computer prodigy did?

Do you want to know how you can make 6 figures off of dog shit? Have you ever wanted to be a professional wing man, roller coaster engineer, human cannon ball, night life photographer or a stand up comedian??

Well that’s just some of what you’ll discover on jobs that don’t suck – the only show on tv that reveals the absolute best jobs in america, and how you can get one. These jobs not only pay well but are also great for meeting women, turning crime into cash, and making your dream jobs reality.

If haven’t chosen a career yet, or hate the one you have – you won’t want to miss jobs that don’t suck – why settle for jobs that blow america?? When you can have jobs that don’t suck!

Don’t miss MTV2’s brand new comedy series –hosted by comedian – andrew schulz from guy code and girl code! June 24TH – June 28TH ONLY!


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