MUSIC-POETRY PERFORMANCE @ Angel Orensanz Summer Museum @ Governor’s Island

When:July 26, 2009
Where:Angel Orensanz Summer Museum
Governors Island
#11 Building, Battery Road
New York, NY 10004

Harvest of my Tongue
Music: Composed by Mossa Bildner. Arranged by Charles Gerard
Poem author: Michele Blondel’s poem, Recueil des Mots de ma Langue.
Voice: Mossa Bildner
Bass: Hill Greene
Alto, Tenor and Baritone Sax: Avram Feffer
Brasilian Percussion: Dende
Tableaux Vivants: Agnes Gugala

Sung in French.
The poem, Harvest of my Tongue, depicts the French poet Michele Blondel’s vision of the Alphabet as a personal cosmology of Spirit and Sex: God’s Word and the Body’s Experience.
Set to music, the words are used for their intrinsic sound quality, as well as their ability to evoke the exotic and erotic imagery of the poem.
Performed as a cycle of 26 short pieces, A through Z, Harvest of my Tongue employs a variety of historic, international, and tribal styles, including Plainsong, French Café Concert, Middle Eastern, Operatic, Afro- Brazilian, and Jazz Improvisation.
This is a modular work, which can be expanded from a trio performance to a large ensemble and/or, a revolving door, invitational “sit in” for guest artists.
The piece was originally composed by Mossa Bildner for Voice and Double Bass as a commission by the Fine Arts Museum at Amherst to celebrate a 25 year retrospective of Michele Blondel’s work.
Core Personel: Hilliard Greene, Mossa Bildner, Adam Morrison
Musicians who have played already on this project: Dende, Hill Greene, Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Michael Wimberley, Andrew Lamb, Jorge Amorim, Adam Morrison and Ras Moshe.

To contact Mossa Bildener:
646 229 9627

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