“Never Can Say Goodbye” Exhibit Opening

Never can say goodbye

When:Friday January 15, 2010
Time:7pm – 10pm
Where:former Tower Record Store
4th street and Broadway
New York City

On January 15, 2010, No Longer Empty (NLE) will re-open the legendary Tower Records store on Broadway and 4th street with a multi-media art exhibition: Never Can Say Goodbye.

See below for updated music schedule and panelist for “Disc to Downloads”

Spotlighting more than twenty artists that work with sound, light, and image, Never Can Say Goodbye recreates a fantasy version of the now defunct Tower Records with Never Records by Ted Riederer- complete with record bins, album covers, music posters and a performance stage. Works by Meredyth Sparks, simultaneously critique and revere the flat glamour of icons such as David Bowie and half-nude eighties models. Siebren Versteeg presents custom installations that re-invigorate the space with music memories and the pulse of their contemporary art practice. Ryan Brennan bounces sound through an eight-boom box installation offering an audio tour of Hip Hop’s evolution. Other interactive installations by artists celebrate the stores historic role as the locus of the community– the old way to meet people face to face and share music and information.

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