Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013


When: Due Wednesday. February 27, 2013
Time: 11pm US Eastern Standard Time (1pm Japan Standard Time)
Where: Online
Cost: Free to Enter

Want to win $10,000 ? Showcase your photography around the world? Or both?  Here’s your opportunity.

Since 1969, Nikon has held an international photo contest for photographers who wish to share, to communicate and to express their stories that impact the way people view photography.  Given the digital world we live in now, Nikon has updated its contest in the past 10 years to reflect the photography structure and ever-changing digital environment.

Nikon: “Our goal is to foster a growing, global community of photographers creating images that stand apart through their creativity, their ability to move people and their capacity for communication.”

So, this could be you and/or your friend’s opportunity to express art through photography and possibly win a rough equivalent of $10,000 USD.  Can’t wait to enter and win?

We suggest you read the Nikon Photo Contest’s message and view their Awards Archive.  Follow their entry guidelines here and FAQ entry rules here. Submission deadline for the US is Wednesday, February 27th at 11pm.  Best of luck!

Source: Nikon Photo Contest

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