Organization This Tax Season Made Easy!

Tax season is upon us NYC! Are you ready? Well the team here at Livingfreenyc learned some helpful tips on how to get organized and ready for tax season from the friendly folks at Staples. Check out what we learned at their #StaplesOrgTips event :

Three steps to get organized for tax season:

  • Shed: If you have a document/note that’s been laying around for over a year, take action: trash it or store it!
    • Define your treasures: Are they
      • Original documents?
      • Key files?
      • Or hand written notes?

  • Shred: Shredding old paperwork w/ sensitive or proprietary info protects your business and identity against fraud
    • If you have a shredder or don’t have room to for one, did you know Staples also offers shredding services for 79 cents per pound? Now that’s a deal we can work with!
    • For smaller jobs Staples has some great personal shredder options! One of Staples newest shredders is the 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with a convenient pull out bin & lockout key. Check out all of their shredder options:

  • Get Ahead: Organizing all of your essential paperwork and files so that they’re easy to find when you need them most is key!
    • Do you want to get organized and help out the environment too? Check out Staples’ Binder Recycling Program! If you bring an old binder to trade in you will receive $2 off your new purchase.
    • Cleaning and organizing your documents is not just for your hard copies anymore! Remember to clean out the documents you have saved on your computer as well. Here are some of the ways we like to save our documents:


After you get all of your documents organized you will be ready to file your taxes! Staples wants to make it EASY for customers to file their own taxes this year – paperless – with a wide variety of products at great prices. If you’re looking to E-FILE it you can conveniently prepare both federal and state returns with TurboTax® Deluxe now available to download on


For more information on how you can save and get organized this tax season head to


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