ORIENTED Networking Happy Hour with Jammin Asian

When:Thursday, August 27 2009
Time:7-9 PM
9 Doyers (off Pell Street & Bowery)

This month’s Happy Hour Co-Hosted by Jammin Asian will be held at the venue Apotheke, a hidden gem in the heart of Chinatown. Doyers Street, only a block long, begins at Pell Street, makes a 90 degree turn, then meanders down into Chatham Square and then to Bowery Street. Keep your eyes peeled for 9 Doyers! Look for the words “Gold Flower Restaurant” above the door!
The site of Apotheke was once home to an opium den and later, a Chinese opera house.
Inspired by the rise of the apothecary in Europe, come experience the dramatic presentation of a cocktail at Apotheke- it’s a stage, a chemistry lab, a theater.

Dress code:Professional Attire or Business Casual
Tell your friends and colleagues about this exciting event, and don’t forget to bring your business cards!
ORIENTED is a global network of international professionals interested in Asian businesses and partnerships, with almost 30,000 members worldwide. Our signature service, the ORIENTED Happy Hours, are “simultaneously” held on the last Thursday of every month in more than twelve cities around the world, providing international networking opportunities for our members.

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