Penny’s Open Mic


When:Tuesday December 1, 2009
Where:Under St. Marks Theatre
94 St. Marks Place

Spoken word artists, musicians, comedians, and other creative folks are invited to put their two cents in at this weekly gathering hosted by Penny Pollak.

THEME: Obsession
SPECIAL GUEST: a short from BAIL OUT THE MUSICAL By Wreckio Ensemble
HOOTENANNY THEMES SONGS: Boys??? Girls?? ideas??

About the special guest:
Horse Trade presents
Wreckio Ensemble’s production of BAIL OUT THE MUSICAL
Written by Randi Berry, Dechelle Damien,
Kimberlea Kressal, Karly Maurer and Benjamin Spradley
Music and Lyrics by Will Larche
Directed by Kimberlea Kressal

The government is bailing out theater. But, if you want a slice of Uncle Sam’s pie you have to make a musical! Can a group of indie artists receive the funding? Watch this absurd comedy about how far people are willing to go to cash in on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bail Out The Musical is Wreckio’s fourth writing collaboration, written by the same bunch who brought you The Ladies Aide Society Invites You To A Poverty Party To Benefit The Foundation For Ethical Art And Culture which toured to Dublin, Ireland.
Wreckio Ensemble Theater Company produces original and innovative works on social issues through their developing movement technique.
Wreckio integrates the body, mind, and voice in storytelling to stimulate thought, creating a symbiotic relationship between audience and ensemble.

Ways to use the theme
Do you have an obsession?
What is your obsession?
Art obsession?
tell a story about Obsessiveness
is your obsession a good thing?
sing/dance/show a short film/tell a story/do a monologue about obsession or don’t use the theme at all and enjoy another night of art at Penny s Open Mic!

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