Pie Face Pay With a Tweet

Hungry for pie but have no dough?

Join Pie Face (New York’s Aussie meat pie shop) this Tuesday as they give away free pies in exchange for your social currency. From noon to midnight, get a Mince beef and Tomato Chutney pie at any Pie Face location for the price of a hashtag. Yep, it’s as simple & as awesome as it sounds. When you’re sitting in your office on Tuesday, dreaming about what you’re going to eat for lunch, you can simply show Pie Face some love on Twitter @PieFaceUSA, Facebook, or Instagram, and they’ll love right back with a Mince beef and Tomato Chutney pie. Just tag @piefaceusa, or post directly to Facebook.com/piefaceusa.com.

Show your phone action at any one of the five Pie Face locations in NYC, including their newest shop, which just opened at 464 Ninth Avenue (and 36th Street), to get your free pie.

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