Secret Science Club Presents: “A Mind-blowing Evening”

When:Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Where:Bell House
149 7th St.
between 2nd and 3rd avenues
Brooklyn, NY
p: 718.643.6510

Inside a converted warehouse . . .Above the mist and mystery of the Gowanus Canal . . .The “Secret Science Club” is back at the Bell House with more brain-boggling lectures, super-smart cocktails, and synapse-stimulating sounds!!

The Secret Science Club presents “A Mind-blowing Evening” Neuroscientists Joseph LeDoux and Daniela Schiller lecture on fear, memory, and the brain. Then they jam with their “heavy mental” band, the Amygdaloids.

Dr. LeDoux and Dr. Schiller discuss:
–What is fear? How did it evolve? What parts of the brain are most involved with emotions?
–How are frightening and traumatic memories stored? Can fearful memories go “out of control”?
–Are memories subject to revision, like stories? Can bad memories be erased? Should they be?
–What are links between music, brain biology, and our emotions?

Plus, the Amygdaloids perform original songs like “Memory Pill,” “Brainstorm,” and “Piece of My Mind”

“They’re not rocket scientists. They’re brain scientists who rock it!”

The Amygdaloids are Joseph LeDoux (guitarist, professor of neuroscience and psychology at NYU, and author of The Emotional Brain and Synaptic Self); Daniela Schiller (drummer, NYU neuroscientist, and Moth StorySlam winner); Tyler Volk (guitarist, biologist, science director of NYU’s Environmental Studies Program, and author of CO2 Rising and Metapatterns); and Gerald McCollam (bass player and solutions architect).

Before & After

–Groove to dopamine-drenched sounds
–Take your brain on a bender . . . Sample our super-smart cocktail, the Synapse Sling!
–Stick around for the brain-boggling Q&A

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