Shakespeare in Riverside Park: The Tempest

When:Saturday Jube 20, 2009
Time:6:30 PM
North Patio of Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument
West 89th and Riverside Drive
New York City, NY

Join Hudson Warehouse, the Other Shakespeare in the Park, for their production of The Tempest, a classic Shakespeare play.
The magician Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda, have been stranded for twelve years on an island after Prospero’s jealous brother Antonio deposed him and set him adrift at sea. Possessed of magic powers due to his great learning, Prospero, having divined that his brother, Antonio, is on a ship passing close by the island, has raised a tempest which causes the ship to run aground. In the conclusion, all the main characters are brought together before Prospero, who forgives them, and all return to Naples, including Prospero and Miranda.

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