The 3rd Annual Habitat Wing Eating Contest

When:Tuesday August 31, 2010
Where:The Habitat
988 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1607
(718) 383-5615

So one of my favorite bars The Habitat is hosting their Annual Wings Eating Contest. The contest will be taking place on Tuesday August 31st at 10 pm. 12 contestants will be competing to see who can eat the most wings in 10 minutes. The winner will be awarded $100 cash and trophy. The reigning champion, Will Millender will be defending his title of 48 wings (note: contestants do not have to eat 48 wings to win, they simply must eat more than the other contestants). Interested candidates should submit their names to the bar (limit one entry). The Habitat will be selecting contestants via random drawing on August 17th (two weeks prior to the event). There is a $5 entry fee for participants, all will receive a complimentary t-shirt. The event takes place during their weekly .25 cent wing night (the special will be available throughout the night of the event). So come on down and enter or just be there and watch these Lucky souls down the tastiest wings in Greenpoint!

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