The Approval Matrix Taping with Neal Brennan

The Approval Matrix Taping with Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan — co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, comedian, writer, producer, and actor — is excited to launch The Approval Matrix, a pop-culture panel round-up show based on New York Magazine’s weekly guide.

The Approval Matrix is a funny, intelligent analysis of today’s hot-button issues in American culture and entertainment. Each episode is hosted by Neal Brennan and features four well-known commentators and comedians who will spar over issues such as fame, the current nerd renaissance, social media’s corrosive influence on us all, and so many more vital topics. If you read Vulture or watch “The Writer’s Room,” you know that pop-culture literacy has gone pro, and The Approval Matrix intends to entertain you on that level by keeping the debate hilarious, smart, edgy, and passionate. Produced for The Sundance Channel.

Wednesday, June 18th- 2:00PM
Wednesday, June 18th- 5:30PM
Thursday, June 19th- 2:00PM
Thursday, June 19th- 5:30PM
Friday, June 20th- 2:00PM
Friday, June 20th- 5:30PM

Bathhouse Studios
540 East 11th street
Manhattan, NY

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