The Big Waltz at Lincoln Center

When:Saturday, October 16 2010
Where:Lincoln Center Plaza
West 63rd Street and Columbus Avenue
Manhattan, NY

From Dance Austria:

Immerse yourself in the romantic beauty of the Viennese waltz, by taking a dance lesson and enjoying original performances by Austria’s and New York’s most gifted dancers and musicians.Lincoln Center presents the first-ever DANCE AUSTRIA! Dance Austria is an eventing filled with the mellifluous sounds of Julliard, original dance performances, special guests and surprises. Their professional dance team will show you the moves-and as part of their grand finale, they invite you to waltz under the stars at Lincoln Center!

5:30 p.m.

* Our fabulous hosts Sean McKnight and Melissa Mahon aided by our “Waltz Masters” will kick off the event with a dance lesson for all! Learn to waltz like a pro.
* Enjoy a taste of true Austrian culture when members of the prestigious Vienna State Opera Ballet, flown in especially for this event, perform and the sound of The Juilliard School’s Toomai Quintet fills the plaza.
* Relish a spectacular modern re-interpretation of the Viennese Waltz choreographed by Sean and Melissa. Ths classical dance with a modern twist will sweep you off your feet.
* As a special treat, noted Austrian jazz musician Franz Hackl will perform and take us on a musical journey.
* By now we hope to have instilled in you the same joy and excitement that enthrall attendees of a typical ball in Austria when they swirl across the ball-room to the intoxicating sound of the Viennese waltz. After a short refresher of the evening’s dance lesson, you’ll be all set for the grand finale…

7:15 p.m.

* As the sun sets, you take center stage. Join us for “The Big Waltz,” when thousands of guests twirl in unison to the familiar Blue Danube waltz. Our troop of dance instructors filters into the crowd—teaching, leading, and inspiring even the shyest beginners to join this elegant dance, turning one of New York’s most glamorous locations into what may be the world’s biggest outdoor ballroom.
* After the “The Big Waltz” we’ll announce the lucky winner of our dream trip to Austria, so be sure to stick around and you must be present to win!
* Enjoy the Dance party! Stick around—and dance to the rhythm of DJ Nicole Leone, as she fuses classic Austrian music with dance and pop.

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