The Especially Special Show Mixed Media Video Show

Neighborhood WatchWhen:Tuesday December 29, 2009
Where:Larry Lawrence
295 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7866


From the site:

Join Neighborhood Watch this Tuesday night for The Especially Special Show – the NW season finale. Neighborhood Watch is a mixed media video show. Each episode is a feature length piece comprised of many smaller pieces (shorts, animation, music videos, cult clips), seamlessly intertwined and projected for your viewing pleasure. In these foggy times Neighborhood Watch shines like a guiding beacon of awareness, shedding much needed light on vital social topics and community interactions. Their goal is to create a spectacle that will leave the audience perplexed and inspired, satisfied and outraged but never bored and indifferent. Come see why Neighborhood Watch is becoming the most talked about film event in this description.

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