The Raspberry Brothers Double Feature!

When:Tuesday September 07, 2010
Time:8:00 pm
Where:Knitting Factory Brooklyn Front Bar
361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn , NY 11211

From Knitting Factory:

Hey you guys!!!! It’s time to celebrate Corey Feldman with a two-movie Feldman fest. Local Brookyln comedians, the Raspberry Brothers, will slap jokes over the whole thang.

First it’s Goonies, the ultimate 80’s kids movie. Sure it demeans fat boys, abused children, Italians, Chinese, and Mexicans, but it’s still endearing and entertaining. And that kiss between Mikey and Andy is kinda pretty hot after all these years.

As for Lost Boys- you get two Coreys for the price of one, a Kiefer, a kick-ass soundtrack, and a dozen or so mullets. Best vampire movie!

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