The Raspberry Brothers: Twilight Eclipse

When:Wednesday March 30, 2011
Where:Union Hall
702 Union Street
NY 11215
(718) 638-4400

From Secret Formula:

Union Hall brings you a team of Brooklyn comedians called the Raspberry Brothers. Their assignment: to mock the crap out of Hollywood films. Let the Raspberry Brothers be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to see the third and craziest film in the Twilight series, Eclipse.

TWILIGHT: There are those who love hating it, those who hate loving it, and those with no mixed emotions- just straight up Twilighters. And they come together every time, making Twilight into the next Rocky Horror Picture Show, a campy and interactive movie party.  There’ll be opportunities to stake Edward, dramatic readings from the book, free glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, and of course, expect an awesome Twilight-inspired cocktail menu- with different beverages for Team Edward and Team Jacob.

Twilight: Eclipse is full of CGI wolves turning into Native American never-nudes. And the tween drama is heavy as Kristen Stewart is forced to choose between the beautiful face of Edward the Vampire and the hot bod of Jacob the Werewolf.  Of course, the Raspberry Brothers will be marking this one with a stream of hot jokes.

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