the XMAS Pop Sing-Along

When:Friday December 10, 2010
790 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY

SantaCon starts the morning of December 11th but they won’t announce where it starts until the night before. Waiting for the announcement the night before the big day is like trying to fall asleep when Santa’s on the way…it takes forever. Why wait at home or at any ‘ole bar when you could slip into that Santa outfit early and warm up your vocal chords for the day of drunken caroling ahead?

Come to Legion on December 10th where they’ll be constantly updating the SantaCon website and announcing the starting locations live so you can start planning with all your friends in the proper spirit…that is, while you’re singing along to 2 hours of holiday hit music videos subtitled for your singing enjoyment, many of them interpreted by your favorite pop stars. You’ll see David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Wham, Twisted Sister, Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, John Denver and the Muppets, Nat King Cole, John Lennon, Christina Aguilera, Charo, Run DMC and tons more all taking on Christmas classics and some original works as well. We’ll also have hits from TV and film like The Nightmare Before Christmas, South Park and The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

Add 2 parts singing, 1 part alcohol and 4 parts magical songs that fill your spirit with holiday delight and you’ve got one hell of a sing-along.

-Free Milk and Cookies!
-Win a prize for being the most naughty/nice!
-Santa Costume Contest!
-Best-worst holiday sweater contest!
-$3 Atomic Lager/$5 Tecate and a shot specials
-In front: Don’t Be A Menace w/ DJ FullTimeFun

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