TV Party: Freaks & Geeks

When:Monday, May 30, 2011
Where:The Bell House
149 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 643-6510

From Bell House:

Are you a freak or are you a geek? It doesn’t matter because all are welcome at the Bell House for the Freaks & Geeks TV Party. We’ll be watching our favorite episodes on the big screen with themed drinks, costume contests, competitions and prizes.

Join comedians Michael Austin and Jerm Pollet, hosts of TV Party, as they celebrate Freaks and Geeks, perhaps the most unjustly canceled program ever. But, while the show only lasted one season on NBC, its contribution to the American culture has been long-lasting. F & G introduced America to James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel, to name a few.

This isn’t just a night of TV at a bar, it’s a full blown TV Party! We’ll be turning the Bell House into a McKinley High School lock-in and enjoying the complete series of Freaks & Geeks with…

-Test what you learned in high school with Freaks & Geeks trivia including a special Mathlete round.

-Live high school photographer to take pictures for our McKinley High School Yearbook

-Bake sale to support the McKinley High School Mathletes

-Relive your P.E. days with a dodge ball competition

-McKinley High School t-shirts! Show your school pride!

-Come dressed as your favorite character and win a prize

-Bill Haverchuck impersonator contest

-Can you tell the difference between alcoholic and non-alcholic beer? We’ll find out with a Lindsey Weir tasting challenge!

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