Contra Dance Party

When:Friday, July 10, 2009
Time:7:00pm – 9:30pm; Beginner intro, 6:30pm
Where:LGBT Community Center,
208 W. 13th St.

With roots in the elegant country dances of England, contra dance developed in the barns of colonial New England, where elegance was dropped in favor of a grittier, more ecstatic American style. We do the gender-role-free style of contra, where partners are of either sex and are distinguished in calls by the presence of arm bands (bands or bare arms). There are no gender specific roles and no gender terminology used – it’s just people dancing with people. Beginner intro and Contra Clinic (work on moves you already know) at 6:30. Done to LIVE MUSIC. Caller: Marty Fager. Music: Fingerplay. No partner or experience needed. Everyone welcomed. More info: Brooks 347-275-7983, Carol 718-972-3191,

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