From the City to the Stars: Star-gazing with the Webb Telescope

When:Friday June 4, 2010
Time:8:00 p.m.  – 9:30 p.m.
Where:Battery Park
State St and Battery Pl
New York, NY 10079

Join professional and amateur astronomers at the base of the full-scale, tennis court-sized James Webb Space Telescope model for a free evening of star-gazing in Battery Park. Dr. John Mather, Nobel laureate and the Webb telescope’s senior project scientist; Dr. John Grunsfeld, astronaut, physicist and “chief repairman” of the Hubble Telescope and planetary astronomer Dr. Heidi Hammel will be with us to talk about the discoveries anticipated when the world’s most powerful space telescope, the successor to the Hubble, launches in 2014.  It will be a festive evening of appreciating the vast wonders of the cosmos. Bring your telescope if you have one or plan to use one of the dozens they’ll have set up.

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