Live Electric world-grooves with Jimy Lopez, Giorgio Poli, Evan Ubiera, & Jessi Colasante

When:Sunday, August 16, 2009
Time:7:45pm – 11:00pm
Where:Caffe Pepe Rosso
127 Avenue C
New York, NY

Jimmy Lopez , Giorgio Poli, Evan Ubiera, and Jessi Colasante will be continuing to perform live Interpretations of each others compositions. Also this is were you can see us perform music from my up coming album “WORLD SOUND TRAVELER”. We will have two special guests this sunday (1) Aki Kasuga from japan joining us on Classical japanese bamboo flute. She has worked with me on my album. We will be doing a song that has taiko drumming sounds and Aki will be Playing with it. (2) Enrique Vélez of the band Guateke roots ensemble, will be joining us on melodica for some cool dub songs. This is going to be an amazing show!

Funky dub World Grooves from 7;45pm to 11pm. No night club pretentiousness! No guest list needed, All are welcome! eat, drink and enjoy new music.

*AKI KASUGA *Special Guest artist. On japanese (Bamboo Flute)
*ENRIQUE VELEZ *Special Guest artist on (Melodica)
*GIORGIO POLI (Bass Guitar, and sound effects)
*EVAN UBIERA ( Electric Guitar, and sound effects)
*JIMMY LOPEZ (Live electronic percussion / Acoustic percussion, and sound effects)

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