Match.Om: Presented by Pure Yoga & eFlirt Expert

When:Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Where:Pure Yoga West
204 W. 77th St.
New York, NY
Cost:Free w. RSVP

From EFlirt:

To New Yorkers, time is money. So, rather than wasting your best years trolling the bars for hotties — and indirectly, working on your beer belly — kill three birds with one stone at Pure Yoga West on August 17th. Spy other crush-worthy yogis during class, mingle with the city’s most eligible (and toned) and get the tools to advance yourself mind, body and flirt. Whether you’re a newbie to downward dog or an ardha chandrasana vet, this event is the healthiest flirting alternative the Big Apple has ever seen.

The city’s most accomplished yoga instructors will fine-tune your practice and the Web’s savviest dating coach will adjust you in your love life. Award-winning sweets will be served, icebreakers will facilitate conversation and flirting tools will be delivered for your next date emergency. Entry is complimentary because good karma is important. This is an equal-opportunity flirting event, so every sexual orientation will be represented. After all, yoga does translate to “union” in Sanskrit. Coincidence? We think not.

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