The 90’s Sing-Along, Part Deux

When:Friday, April 9, 2010
790 Metropolitan Ave
Humboldt St
Brooklyn, NY

Come and sing and dance your 90’s era angst ridden hearts out at the 90’s Sing-Along, part deux. Best of all it’s FREE! That’s right, the 90’s Sing-Along is coming back to Brooklyn. The last 90’s Sing-Along was such a big hit they’re doing a new one packed full of new 90’s videos!

There are going to be contests (a 90’s “costume” contest, pull out your denim and neon nylon, your Tanya Harding leotard and your severed penises) with sweet prizes, a MC Hammer Dance Off, Macarena and Hammer Dance instructional videos before the show and a pre-show of 90’s video awesomeness that will make you cry with nostalgia..also maybe because a lot of that stuff is really bad.

After the show they are going to have DJ’s in two rooms: They will be keeping the video inspired good times going in the back with a music video dance party and DJ FULLTIMEFUN and Alained will be up front busting out their Don’t Be a Menace set of 90’s hits. All night music video and 90’s dance party? Damn straight.

As always Legion will have its recession friendly drink specials with $3 Atomic Lagers and $5 Tecate/Schlitz and a shot specials!

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