The Pizza Packet Pizza Party By Lace

When:Monday March 28, 2011
Where:The Bell House
149 7th St.
Brooklyn, NY
The League of Amateur Competitive Eaters is hosting a Pizza Party sponsored by Pizza Packet. They’re looking for THREE TEAMS of four people to compete head to head to head! If you are interested in competing, please email
The Competition: The Pizza Fracas!
Three teams of four people will compete to see who can eat the most pizza in five minutes. Each team member will pick one of the Pizza Packet spices from a hat, and their pizza will be spiced with that spice.
There will be lots of pizza on hand for everyone, so even if you’re not competing you can come by for a slice. More details on that as we know them.
Pizza Packet provides fresh spices in portion-controlled, quality packaging to revolutionize the way you eat pizza.

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