The Silly Dance-Off

When:Friday April 1, 2011
Where:The Emerson
561 Myrtle Ave
Manhattan, NY

Celebrate April Fool’s Day by dancing your funny bone off at the Silly Dance Off!

From The Silly Dance Off:

The Silly Dance-Off absurdly re-imagines the dancing competitions of yore. Hosted by Masters of Sillemony Max Power and Jenny C’est Quoi, with groovy beats by DJ Choyce Hacks, the fierce competition will boil down to Silliest Solo, Silliest Couple and Silliest Costume. Brush up on your Funky Chicken and join us at The Emerson. You can expect this party to be kookier than Uncle Larry after his third Manhattan.

*The judging starts at 11P. Warmup dancing is encouraged.
*Elimination is a three strikes policy. Get tapped by each of three judges and you’re out.But you can buy back in up to two times for $5 (includes a free shot).
*Thirsty? Take a break and grab a drink! But remember, Silly-Dancing means dancing, so if you’re off the floor too long, expect a tap-out!
*Silly-Dance-Routines are allowed and encouraged.
*Judges absolutely will not accept (public) bribes.

* Silliest Solo: $50 bar tab and other silly prizes.
* Silliest Couple: $50 bar tab.
* Silliest Costume: $25 bar tab.

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